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About Premium Membership

Receive lifetime access to our Cryptocurrency market analysis, as well as access to private discussions and Crypto trading tools on Discord.


What to Expect

By signing up as a lifetime premium member of you will receive:

On the forum

On the forum, premium members have the following privileges.

  • Short to medium term trade setups used by the trading team
  • Long term speculation
  • Proven money management techniques
  • Proven Crypto trading systems

On the Discord channel

On the Discord channel, premium members have access to.

  • Private rooms
  • Early signals
  • One-on-one seasoned advice
Also on the Discord Channel

Premium members also have access to the following tools on Discord.

  • Real-time Crypto news
  • Real-time Twitter Surveillance (Get alerted about tweets that matter. Such as Exchanges, Crypto Celebs, New Projects, etc)
  • Real-time Reddit updates (All the best Crypto sources from Reddit)

These tools are our Social and Media indicators (all in one place) making sure we never miss a beat.


Please Note before implementing the information you will gain from premium membership, you must read the below two guides:

Recommended Crypto trading rules for Risk Management – PLEASE READ – IMPORTANT

Recommended Crypto trading systems for our Premium Signals – PLEASE READ – IMPORTANT



The price of premium membership is a once off amount of:
0.024 BCH (Bitcoin Cash)


How to Make Payment

Make payment by sending 0.024 BCH + the transaction fee to the address provided below.



DO NOT send any Bitcoin(BTC) to this address, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) only.

Remember to add the transaction fee in your BCH wallet so that our system will receive the full amount.




Activation to the forum is automatic.
Should your account not be activated after 6 confirmations, contact us on Discord at #support or post here in the support forum.


Please PM your TX no. to @Margincall on Discord in order to get added to the private chatrooms/trading tools. Allow for a 24 hour window to get access, however usually we respond quicker than 24 hours.


We would like to thank everybody for their support and we hope that you find value here with us.

Welcome to the Hodlums Familia!

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