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    There has been some bearish rumours on the twittersphere. Everybody is worried about the China news meanwhile I am smelling quite a big segwit 2x rat in crypto land.

    Even though segwit 2x still has strong support I will point out some tweets from the last week.


    Romano tweeted:


    Some more popular tweets:



    And just in case you think a replay attack on Bitcoin could not happen, take a look at this.


    A twitter account for the hack so you can follow along.

    Expect more twists in this tale before November comes, stay tuned.


    Important thing to realise about Segwit, even though it has been activated very few wallets have actually implemented yet.

    Some 141 companies have pledged to implement Segwit with their Bitcoin wallets, until such time the Bitcoin network wont “fully” benefit from Segwit.. yet..

    You can read the full article here..


    Interesting development as Chinese mining pool F2Pool no longer supports the controversial scaling agreement Segwit2x.

    You can read the full article on Coindesk

    The Chinese being a major player in the Bitcoin mining game might trigger some doubt on Segwit2x and the hard fork with this move.

    We will keep a close eye and see if more news like this comes out as over 141 companies pledged to support Segwit.. 1 down, 140 left. (numbers might not be exact)

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