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    This is the thread for analysis on the Ripple markets for January 2018.







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    Taking a quick look at the XRPUSD market today.

    xrpusd forecast 26 Jan 2018
    The Ripple market is looking weak, with the bulls also staying shy of the market, confirmed by the low trading volume.

    We have 2 sell signals on the 1 hour chart and I would advise caution to most speculators that are long short term.

    The first sell signal is the cross of the 20 MA and 50 MA, which is followed by the bullish trend breaking. (Trend line breaking)

    The bearish action is confirmed for me by the Demand Index and other indicators.

    I am short on the short term for ripple and sitting on the sidelines for the longer term.

    I might consider going long and playing the bounce should prices dip below $1 again.

    Feel free to discuss this trade idea with us.


    Ripple got a lot of traders jumping in on the train to $3 again, but unfortunately those that didn’t get out in time got rekt pretty hard. Good lesson for any newcomers about the volatility in the crypto markets.

    xrp usd forecast
    We can see some decent support from the $2 zone and traders could catch another knife into the lower $2 zone if the price does not consolidate above $2.5.

    A lot of news and hype around Ripple at the moment and there is always money to be made in volatile markets.

    Should support break below $2 I would expect this bear trend to continue into the medium term, but as it stands now I think XRP is busy with a much needed correction.

    Just a note that I advise clients to only trade XRP vs FIAT, simply because I believe that Ripple has the ability to print more if they so choose. No point risking crypto against xrp, just my two cents.

    Serious resistance at $3, lets wait and see if the bulls can get close to it again. Safe trades.



    Ripple is hitting resistance at the $2.5 mark again.

    xrpusd forecast
    We can see a nice cup forming which could lead to more bullish movement on the market, however I am waiting to see if the sellers step in again at $2.5, in which case I would expect prices to drop back down to the $2 level and even lower than $1.6 should ETH break through the $1000 barrier and summon the fomo!

    I would like to add that should you wish to speculate and trade on the ripple markets, keep it fiat, never spend your hard earned crypto on a coin that can get minted at will.

    Safe trades!

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