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    This is the thread for analysis on the Ripple (XRP) markets in the month of December 2017.

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    XRP traded very nicely with the bulls pushing us past $1.7 and broke through $2 pushing prices close to $3 before we saw some decent selling volume on the market.

    Great call by @harveysilverfox on the Slack channel gave us a heads up before price action broke through $1.7.

    Lets take a look at the charts.

    xrp usd forecast
    Even though the market is increadibly bullish at the moment we can see that the momentum is decreasing on very short term, indicated by the PPO.

    Should the PPO turn negative there is a very good chance that the two MA indicators will follow.

    We recommended XRP a few months ago and now is a excellent time to recover initial investments and/or take some additional profits. I think it will be wise to keep some of your position in XRP for the long term hodl.

    Look towards $2.7 to break for this bull run to continue.


    Ripple impressed us with very good volume and good gains the last few days while the rest of the markets were in the red. Investor confidence is boosted and Ripple is in a very nice bull run at the moment.



    We are hitting resistance at $1.7 and the orderbooks are piling up on the selling side, I will wait to see if the bulls have what it takes to push us past $1.7 on the short term. If not we will see a correction and most likely join the previous uptrend at $1.4.

    I could pay to stack some buy orders even lower than that in case prices dip even lower.

    Feel free to ask us about this trade idea in Slack.xrpusd forecast

    In the event that we revisit the $1.4 zone, I will be looking to do some quick scalps between 1.4 – 1.7.


    Very happy with the ripple trade as the bull flag really paid off for us this time. I recovered my initial investment around 20c and now on a free ride with XRP.

    Short term view for XRPUSD

    xrpusd forecast 15 December 2017
    We can see the sellers taking profits between 70c and 90c, RSI is still above 50 indicating that the market is still quite bullish, however on the flip side the ichimoku cloud shows that buyers and sellers are quite evenly matched at this point.

    This usually results in a breakout up or down, should the prices fall I expect support to come in around 50c – 60c for xrpusd.

    You an look for the breakout trade above 90c, please be aware that we usually wait for prices to consolidate before we jump in. Safe trades.

    Feel free to discuss any of my market analysis with us in Slack.


    Taking a look at the Ripple market against the Dollar we can see that we are still trading in our triangle that is forming a massive bull flag on the longer term as we can see with the 1day candles.

    xrpusd forecast 12 December 2017
    The bottom trendline is becoming more and more valid every time it acts as support. This also means that a break below the up trend line will most likely bring a lot of volatility to the market.

    On the other hand look towards the down trend line to signal the breakout trade. Here is a chart with 1hr candles.

    xrpusd forecast dec 2017
    Short term support is between 23c and 24c.

    Longer term support is still at 20c – 21c in my opinion. Safe trades.

    Please remember to do your own research before trading crypto, analysis posted for educational purposes.

    Look for the breakout trade above 27c.


    Ripple has followed suite with other ALTS and lost value agains USD and Bitcoin pushing prices back to the 20cent zone for Ripple.

    xrpusd forecast
    We can see that the bottom trendline is showing good support and if history should repeat itself we are in the buying zone.

    Support is at 0.20, short term speaking, should prices break through the green trendline we will see even lower prices.

    I do think Ripple is bullish long term and a dip below 20cents will most likely get bought up quickly.

    Safe trades.

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