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    Particl (PART) is a token that got listed at Bittrex recently, we bought a tiny position during the ico and keeping an eye on how the market develops.

    With that said lets have a look.

    Particl Chart 22Aug2017

    At the moment PART is in a strong downtrend from the high of 0.003 btc/part.

    The green box indicates support that is building and the buying zone that we are looking at.

    We are testing 0.0017 again, a break below will see the prices continue downward, where a break above 0.002 will most likely trigger a bull signal for us.

    If 0.0015 btc/part is broken we will expect lower lows seeing this is a very new market and it is still forming.

    Considering a low risk entry between 0.0015 and 0.00175

    Total marketcap  for PART is looking quite good at $49 mil after hitting a high of $100 mil.

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