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    The cryptocurrency that supports economic growth through blockchain technology



    The mission of the Noah Project is to consolidate and allow cryptocurrency users (customers, merchants, and traders) on-board around a very specific and intuitive platform that can seamlessly integrate all the existing features under the same structure. This platform comprises of remittance, mobile money, discounts, and trading services that give its users a unique and viable alternative to traditional methods. The customers of The Noah Project are users and supporters of the platform, people who are already using cryptocurrencies and all cryptoenthusiasts. The Noah Platform is optimized to provide the best services to help its users to embrace the best experience in utilizing cryptocurrency in its specific projects.

    NOAHCOINS will be distributed to be used as digital tokens in any of the multiple projects of the Noah Project. This is a first of its kind in the market.

    In early 2016, the Noah Project successfully completed its first token pre-sale stage from Japanese contributors, offering a discounted sale price to preferred early token buyers. Shortly after, it completed its second stage of token pre-sale with the announcement of the Noah City project in the Philippines. In these two stages, it raised a total of US$110 Million. The next stages of the Project will now start with the improvement of the cryptocurrency platform and ecosystem, as well as more exciting projects and opportunities for its members and users.The Noah Project encompasses several directions, including a modern payment system based on NoahCoin virtual currency, convenient Noah Ark crypto wallet, and the world’s first crypto City, where Noah token holders will have access, special privileges, discounts, cash backs and loyalty programs. According to the Noah’s plan, the future City will become a paradise for all crypto enthusiasts — with shops, restaurants, hotels and even resorts.


    The NOAH tokens are issued in order to conduct payments inside the ecosystem of core projects, the ecosystem is committed to offering lucrative prices in NOAH to lure customers to pay in tokens, subsequently creating demand for NOAH. Some of the internal NOAH services may be paid only in NOAH, confirming stable market necessity for tokens. The model assumes, that the networking effect, reached by the increased circulation of token inside the ecosystem, will lead to increased use NOAH in respect to number of users and transactions.

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    <h2 data-redactor=”1″>The Noah Ecosystem — A Leap into the Future</h2>

    Noah’s innovative approach towards enhancing the development of the Japan-Philippines trade and market is a remarkable step into the future that sets an example for its competitors. This exceptional idea will not only ensure further knowledge of the pros of cryptocurrency, but will be of great benefit and aid to the overall economy in the long run.
    The mission of the Noah Project is to consolidate and allow cryptocurrency users (customers, merchants, and traders) on-board across a very specific and intuitive system that can seamlessly integrate all the existing features under the same structure. It comprises of remittance, mobile money, discounts and trading services, which together give its users a unique and viable alternative to traditional methods.The Noah Project was started in 2016 to primarily focus on enhancing trade between Japan and the Philippines, and has been making tremendous progress since.
    Noah Coins will serve as digital tokens that decrease the costs of transferring money across economic and geographical borders. Check out the token functions in the article –

    Why crypto is already changing the world of tomorrow

    While some countries still don’t see that others are actively adapting to this new reality
    By Josef Werker, spokesperson at the Noah Foundation

    Since appearing in 2009, Bitcoin has become the poster child of a new economic reality that is attracting greater attention from financiers, journalists, and state authorities. It is clear that both cryptocurrencies and blockchain that made their creation possible are about to revolutionize the world.

    Initially, Bitcoin’s arrival was met with a certain distrust and plenty of questions, but within a few years it became the most profitable investment, gaining 1,300% in value during 2017. The growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular forces us to rethink financial and economic systems. Blockchain has evidently become the “runway” and Bitcoin “the leap” into a new digital economy.

    That new economy is here.The era of traditional economic and financial systems is coming to a close. This has not yet been fully understood by most of the world’s governmental institutions, but the most developed economies clearly see that this is an inevitable step forward and that they have to adapt to this new economic reality.

    The Noah City is the world’s first experiment in implementing a real digital economy. It can become a model for the entire world, demonstrating what the future can look like. More in our blog.


    Noah Project Surges Ahead With Strong Support for Ambitious Agenda

    Led by an experienced and dedicated team, the Noah Project continues to gain support, attention, and real-world adoption. With an emphasis on using blockchain technology as a driver of social change, the project has issued its own token, Noah Coin, as part of a financial infrastructure that has both local and international applications. The project has already entered into major partnerships, and support continues to grow.

    Noah City is poised to become a paradise for crypto enthusiasts, offering a unique and disruptive model that leads the way for blockchain integration into the smart cities of the future.

    Jump to our blog to learn more!

    Breaking news: Noah Project unveils its Noah Wallet to the public
    It was just recently when the Noah Project announced a close partnership with PayRemit — one of the largest payment gateways in the Philippines, and now the project’s team is proud to show the crypto community its new achievement — the launch of long-anticipated Noah Wallet.
    It is already available for download ( ) on Android, and soon the team will add an application for iOS owners as well. Always putting the crypto community in focus, the project has made Noah Wallet absolutely free for users.
    For the team and all Noah’s supporters, the application release is a vivid indicator of the rapid and progressive development of the project, which is now ready to open a new page in its history.
    Several months of hard work resulted in a user-friendly and safe crypto Noah Wallet that makes it easy and hassle-free for anyone to manage their Noah Coins on mobile devices and tablets.
    The Wallet boasts an intuitive design, understandable for both newcomers in cryptocurrency and tech-savvy users. Moreover, the team has paid a particular attention to security measures ensuring that the crypto assets are stored and transacted safely.
    The feature-rich Noah Wallet allows users to create a new wallet almost instantly, store, send and receive Noah Coins and restore the wallet if necessary.
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    When the Noah Foundation officially opened its doors in the Philippines last 2017, it envisioned a country that uses cryptocurrencies to enjoy purchases, remittance, and trading services, without the need for cash.

    Being trade partners, Japan and Philippines have a long history of friendship, and both are open to opportunities in businesses and humanitarian and social development. Now that the Noah Foundation’s cryptocurrency NOAHCOIN has landed in Japan, its supporters are looking for ways to contribute and utilize the crypto.

    Fortunately, with the opening of the NOAH Dakak Resort in Zamboanga del Norte — developed in partnership with Dakak Beach Resort — people can use their NOAHCOIN to enjoy seamless trading services, all while enjoying the breathtaking views in the Philippines and the hospitality of its citizens.

    Take a look at the future Noah Resort and what it offers. Jump to our MEDIUM for more!


    Thanks for letting us know about NoahCoin 🙂 will be sure to keep an eye on its price action in the future!

    Best of luck with your project and thanks for your contribution to the cryptosphere!

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