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    This is the thread for analysis on the Neo markets in the month of February 2018.

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    Taking a look at NEO versus Bitcoin we can see that we are very bullish long term speaking, but sellers are stepping in around 0.0125 – 0.014 pushing prices to where we currently find ourselves.


    NEOBTC forecast 17 feb 2018

    We are seeing good support from the bulls around 0.011 – 0.01 and should these levels hold we could be looking at a major breakout against Bitcoin, which would lead to very good gains in USD.

    Bitcoin is putting a lot of pressure on the alts and should support fail at 0.01 the NEO market will have to revisit lower zones before going any higher.

    Longer term speaking this could be a excellent opportunity for NEO speculators to add to their collection.


    NEOUSD forecast 17 feb 2018

    We can see the the bullish trend is still in tact versus the dollar and the Neo market should gain in USD alongside Bitcoin.

    I see very strong support above $100 – $120 and I am expecting a breakout sooner or later. Safe trades.


    Quick update on the NEO vs Bitcoin market.

    NEOBTC Forecast 15 Feb 2018
    Neo has performed very well against Bitcoin during the recent “crash” and as a long term Neo holder I couldn’t be more happy.

    Looking at the chart we can see that some sellers are taking profits in the higher zones and we are experiencing a nice sideways movement.

    This is typically what we see when markets correct before they move higher or lower.

    Neo is moving in a nice channel at the moment and I would expect strong support for the near term at around 0.011 btc.

    Resistance is currently between 0.013 btc and 0.015 btc.

    Expect new highs should the bulls decide to buy up the resistance. Safe trades.


    Lets take a look at the NEO markets to get an idea of what is going on.

    NEO forecast 15 Feb 2018
    Since the big drop down to $70 Neo recovered nicely and we have been trading in a tight range between $100 to $120.

    The market is getting ready to show us which direction it wants to go with the prices coiling ever tighter.

    Seeing that Bitcoin pushed to higher levels yesterday I would expect NEO that is actively traded to play catch-up vs the US Dollar soon.

    This is a good place to speculate or add to your NEO positions for the longer term.

    Some traders are placing orders down into the $100 zone and a bit below, in case we experience an unlikely dip.


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