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    Hi.  I want to upgrade for Premium Membership, but when sending the required 0.01206454 BCH, the exchange I sent it from wouldn’t let me send exactly that amount due to the subtraction of fees charged.  So I had to send 0.01206455.  But teh Crypto Signals wallet is not acknowledging receipt of the amount.  Only now do I see that any amount other than exactly 0.01206454 will not be recognized.  Can this be manually rectified?

    The transaction ID is: 63b4ccd7f47c2aff4dfb8180febe1d07481e954f72f7a7faf73b9037cf0e2520



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    Status: Resolved – Premium Membership Activated

    Hi Steve, sorry about the delay, I will upgrade you manually. Please remember that we have extra tools for premium members on our Discord chat.
    You will have to be added manually to the discord premium, please ask @Margincall to assist you in Discord.

    Welcome here, feel free to ask should you have any other questions.

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