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    This is the thread for market analysis on the Ethereum markets.








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    Quick update for Ethereum going into the weekend.

    ethusd forecast 27 jan 2018
    Ethereum has been finding some good support vs the Dollar since the selloff and has formed a symmetrical triangle, which most traders know is a continuation pattern.

    However in this situation a break could happen to the topside or to the bottom. We will be patient while the market shows us our next move.

    A break below $1000 will most likely result in more sellers stepping in driving the prices lower, we can anything between $700 – $900 should the bears win the battle.

    A break above $1100 could signal the bulls to push the prices higher, in which case I would expect a target around $1200 – $1400 if there good price action confirming the breakout.


    Quick update on the ETHUSD markets

    ethusd forecast 26 Jan 2018
    We can see that the short term uptrend just broke and the sellers are stepping in.

    Not much change for us from the last report.

    Support still at $800 – $900 and resistance is at $1100.

    It could be profitable for buyers to stack some buy orders down into the support zone and maybe even a few below.

    Feel free to discuss this trade idea with us.


    Ethereum has failed us at $1000 and has consolidate below after rejecting the 20 MA on the 4hr chart.

    ETHUSD forecast 23 January 2018
    We now have a lot of bearish signals from both candlestick patterns as well as the indicators.

    As we mentioned last week Ethereum was correcting but still bullish above $1000, not that support has failed and we will look towards lower prices to jump into the market again.

    At the moment $900 is acting as very short term support, but will surely break if this momentum continues.

    It is very dangerous to call bottoms in crypto markets, those that wish to play “catch the knife”, could be wise to stack buy orders in the $600 – $800 zones.

    If we see some decent increase in trading volume we might get the bounce from the $800 – $950 zone, but this is High Risk zone and I would advise you to manage your capital and your Risk/Reward accordingly.

    At this point the bulls need to capture $1100 if ETH is going to recapture its bullish momentum.


    ETH showed us that there is clear buying interest above $1000, before we saw sellers stepping in at $1400.

    eth usd forecast 15 Jan 2018
    With the action at $1300 we are testing a strong psychological support level for ETH and the bounce could come here should the level hold.

    If $1300 fails as support the higher risk day trader could stack some orders down to $1250 to catch the knife.

    The risk is if there is too much selling pressure and $1250 does not hold we will find ourselves back in the $1000 – $1200 range.

    The market is very bullish and seeing there is not much trading volume at the moment the bulls could push this one up from here.

    The coin has two sides and the bears could also change the direction for us here should they break the $1250 – $1300 short term support zone.

    Long term speaking ETH is still a bull and lets hope we get to buy another dip!


    Quick update for everybody that is sitting on the edge of their seats. The crypto markets treated us with some awesome volatility today and there was some good money to be made (or lost) for the day trader.

    eth usd forecast 8 jan 2018
    We can see that Ethereum broke out of of the channel for a nice little breakout trade before the sellers stepped in and pushed the prices back down.

    Prices fell sharply and broke through $1000, we briefly saw the prices in the $900 zone where we saw some heavy hitters buying up the fear.

    We can see that momentum is quite bearish and I am sure that the bottom  trendline will get tested again. Channels in such a bull market usually perform very well, but we will keep an eye on it and see what happens.

    A lot of traders got rekt in this move today (longs and shorts) and its a good reminder that you are playing with the big boys.

    I am still bullish on Ethereum long term speaking, for traders long off earlier prices you can put your stop loss under $900, or just below $1000 if you would like to play it safer.

    Feel free to discuss this trade idea with us in our awesome new Discord hangout! Safe trades.

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    Ethereum started the new year of with a bang, blasting through the $740 resistance and we only started seeing some sellers step in from the 880 zone.

    Our Premium members jumped in at $740 when alerts were triggered for some nice gains.

    The ETH market is incredibly bullish right now, but we might face a short term correction here before pushing for new ATH’s.

    ethusd forecast 2 January 2018

    Short term support is between 830 – 840 and this is also the place to set some buy orders if you are looking to catch the bounce. (Should prices drop back to the bottom MA).

    You can look for the breakout trade above 880 – 900 where I am sure the fomo will start to set in should the bulls push it some more today.

    On the short side I will look to 800 if 830 should fail and on the medium term 740 should act as a very solid support.

    The EtherZero hard fork is due to happen on the 19th of January so I am calling a long on ETH here because the technicals and fundamentals are very bullish at this point in time.

    I would recommend Ethereum as a long term hold for anybody at this point in time. Safe trades. Feel free to discuss this trade setup with us in our Slack or Discord.


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