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    This is the thread for technical analysis on the Dash markets in the month of October 2017.

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    The problem with the alt coins is that btc is just to strong. I am going to post this chart in trading signals in order for everyone to receive this. Please remember this is not a signal!

    All the alt coin’s charts is looking almost identical. They are in a bear market against bitcoin. Look at the blue support zone at the top. I would like them to enter the blue zone and trade sideways as I have indicated with the yellow eclipse for a week to a month. The lines I drew there just show possible price action in the yellow eclipse. If that possible price action happens and the Macd at the bottom turns bullish then the tide can maybe turn to bullish. At this moment there is no clear indication of any reversal except the support zone and when the support zone breaks we can even go lower on the alt coins. We need to look at price action to see what will happen in these zones!

    With that said look at the $ chart

    Against the $ chart almost all of them are on a support line which show us that they can actually bounce from them as long as they stay above them!

    This is crucial times for them!

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