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    This is the thread for market analysis on the Bitcoin Cash markets in the month of January 2018.







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    We can see that Bitcoin Cash has been struggling to regain its bullish momentum, however we find ourselves in a tight trading range between 1500 – 1700.

    bchusd forecast 29 Jan 2018
    In this kind of scenario we would expect to see some action within the next few days.

    Looking at BCHUSD, a breakout to the topside could take the prices up to the 2000 zone, where we would expect some resistance.

    Should prices fall to the bottom we could see a selloff and prices could drop as low as 1200 or even lower.

    Short term support is at $1400 – $1500 and resistance is at $1600 – $1700.

    We will consider going long should prices drop into the $1400 zone, buy order could be stacked down to $1000 in case of a selloff.

    We will consider going long on a breakout trade should prices consolidate above $1700.


    Bitcoin Cash has taken a knock from the bears, along with the rest of the majors.

    Bitcoin Cash Forecast 18 Jan 2018
    Using the 1day candles and a 20SMA we can see that we are clearly in a bear trend, the PPO and RSI confrims this for us.

    On the bright side we saw buyers stepping in around 1350, and I think we are looking at a new accumulation zone between 1200 – 2000.

    Bitcoin Cash will have to bounce and consolidate above $2100 before we will consider going long.

    Lets not be to hasty to call a bottom here, keep some dry powder handy just in case we dip below 1200 before taking any new Moon shots.

    Long term speaking everybody should relax, enjoy the discounted altcoins on sale, crypto will rise again, like it always does, time frame? Its up to YOU!


    After a nice little bull run up too $2700 Bitcoin Cash is yet again looking a bit bearish, but on the longer term side BCH is looking good to go!

    bch usd Jan 8 forecast 2018
    There is some serious selling pressure on the market, enough to make the stomach turn, however I see solid support in the 2200 – 2300 area.

    With that said there is some very bearish signs with a little h&s as well as the MACD indicator showing us that the momentum is against the bulls.

    I expect we will test 2300 – 2200 again and it could pay to have some orders stacked down through these zones to as low as 2000 for the short term.

    Should we consolidate above these prices we could see a nice little bull trend developing again. Be patient and wait for the market to show the next move.

    Please feel free to discuss this trade with us on Discord.


    Bitcoin Cash has given me another bullish signal on the shorter time frame (30min candles) with a nice cup and handle that formed.

    BCHUSD forecast
    The RSI and the MA is confirming the upward momentum in the Bitcoin Cash market for me.

    For anybody looking to play the bounce here, we are looking at the 2600 – 2700 zone to enter the market.

    There is good support between 2500 – 2600 and those levels will have to break to make me bearish.

    Expect some fomo should the prices push past 2900 – 3000.

    I recommend BCH at these prices for a longer term hold, great fundamentals and just more good news every day.

    Feel free to discuss this trade idea with us on Slack or Discord!



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