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Bitcoin made headlines again getting in on the blackfriday madness and pushing past $9000, currently we are finding ourselves at $9600. I think we might see some sellers stepping in at these prices, however this is just my opinion,

Looking at the short term I am expecting a correction to at least $9400 in this bullish market.


We have some hints like the MACD telling us that the market is overbought.

Should prices drop below $9400 which seems to be happening as I write this post! I will expect support to come in between $8600 and $9100.

I will look to see if $9800 breaks to see if this push will continue.

Be carefull when planning to short in a Bull market.

I am looking at shorting below $9400, $9100 and should we go below $9000.

Please note: This is not investment advice, we encourage everybody to set up rules for their own trades, such as when to take profit, etc.