BCH had a great run against the USD as well as gaining vs BTC.

We are hitting resistance at 0.15 and will need to see the price action push above this level to continue the bullish run. With that said we might be in for a correction, but be wary there is a ton of trading volume on BCH right now and fomo is sure to set in if prices goes above $1000.

Those that didn’t buy at $300 will buy at $600, those that didn’t buy there will jump in when we get above $1000.

My advice is to keep an eye on 0.15 and 0.16 for the next breakout.

Well done to all those that bought early, I am taking profit on a 1/3 of my position, recovering my initial and the rest I will hodl for a while. 😉

Safe trades!

The purple line indicates the resistance as I see it at the moment. I will add to my position if we start trading above 0.15 – 0.16

On the 1hour chart we can see that the bulls have fallen out of the first channel and we are moving sideways into the next. Should the prices fall below the blue channel we could expect more bearish moves from the market. At the moment we are bullish and waiting for the correction. Stay tuned and like always, safe trades!