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ETP/BTC looks like it might be starting a uptrend, but with most markets that are very new it is foolish to assume too much. Anything can happen from here although woodies CCI is hinting that we might bust into a bullish move.

Keeping that in mind, if it does break upwards there is a very good possibility that we hit 0.00080 or even make a new ATH by going over 0.00110

On these new projects quite a good indicator is how many fanboys are chanting ETP in the trollboxes.

Looking at the 1 hour chart we can see that resistance at 00056 indicated by our SMA 200, confirming that the markets is still bearish, should prices start trading above 00060 we might consider a breakout trade.

It is my guess that the buyers and sellers are battling it out here, enough bulls and we are going to bust above the 200 sma. Please bear in mind that BTC could move up in price and put pressure on the Alt bulls.