Bitcoin Cash started November off on a good note gaining against BTC and raising the value in USD to about x2 from our BCH buying signal.

For those looking to take profit on the short term this is as good a place as any, however I am quite bullish on BCH and looking at the chart seconds that motion. Keeping in mind BCH raise while BTC is pushing new ATH’s, I take this as indicator that lower price levels for BCH might be bought up.

Woodies CCI is also telling us that the market is bullish, along with the MA’s.

If we look at the day chart we can see a nice cup and a pennant forming, this could break to the down side or up. Although these chart formations are not 100% we can see a very strong bullish momentum forming in the BCH markets.

Keep an eye on 500 – 600 levels. A break above 700 will most likely push us quite a bit higher. Please feel free to join our Slack and ask us about our trades.