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All the alts has lost ground against btc, XRP is also entering the blue support zone. We will need to look at price action at these levels. 

The dollar chart shows us a better picture, we took profit with half our position at $28. We will look at the trend lines on the dollar chart to see what we need to do.

Support is +-18c and Resistance is +-26c.

Xrp and Eth chart looks very similar. This show me that the alts is getting into support zones against btc while btc is trading against it’s upper trend line. This is going to create massive opportunities for us to trade. Their is 2 sides to this coin, btc comes down, the alts enter their support zones and bounces from that. The other side of the coin is that btc breaks it top, the alts will lose value against btc and gain dollar value or even drop dollar value. I am still waiting for confirmation to where we are going and staying long bitcoin with the hope that the action will take btc to extreme highs!