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This is the day chart, our prediction on btc was spot on! Look at how btc is moving in this blue channel. I have included 3 trend lines on btc, Look how volatile btc moved after they broke, the first was broken in September down at +-4400, btc dropped to $3000 in a few days, then it was broken on 24 September to the upside, btc moved from $3900 to $6189.

We are on the next trend line at 5350. We need to look at market action at these levels. I think btc can bounce from it but if btc breaks this trend line the next proper support is at 4870-4980.

The worrying sign is that every time those trend lines broke btc came down to test the lower part of the channel. This will be at +-4130, but first btc must break the rend line.

Very very important level: 5360. (This is a coinbase chart)