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I am focusing on the daily chart today. Have a look at how btc went to 5980 if you take the trend line from June. This shows us the channel in which btc is currently trading in. The btc gold fork is happening the 25th next week Wednesday. Will anyone want to sell btc before the fork? The lower trend line from the 15th of September is showing us how bullish btc is, it came near the trend line and bounced back up to the distribution zone from 5600-5700. We will need to stay bullish, let’s see who is going to win at 5700, the sellers or the buyers.

Btc is currently waiting to see what it wants to do next,the chart will show us what to do. The MACD is showing us a possible reversal is forming.

Short term levels is 4635 and 5720 to look out for!