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Ripple is following suite with the other major Crypto’s, breaking out of the previous bearish trend and attempting to find a bottom here. Taking a look at Ripple versus Bitcoin on the 2 hr chart.

ripple price forecast 15 october 2018
In the chart we can see the break away from the previous downtrend, however resistance came in to play quite early and the chart has painted a bearish pennant / flag. Important to note that no candlestick formation has a 100% success rate, so even though there is a bearish flag painted, there is still a possibility for a break to the top side.

What to look out for, like usual we will monitor the support and resistance zones and take note of the price action there. I have short term support for the Ripple market at around 0.0000635 btc and resistance for the near term is at 0.0000690 btc – 0.00007 btc.

For those traders wishing to go long on the market, I think a break and consolidation above current resistance would be the safest entry, going long here should be considered a higher risk trade. Keep an eye on the support zone for a possible bounce should the bulls want more XRP, and expect lower prices should our support fail. Safe trades.