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:arrow_forward: #BTC / USD – Possible Trade Setups

Trade Setup – LONG

Price zone to keep a eye on – $7000 – $7030
Breakout zones: First possible breakout above – $7000
Second possible breakout above – $7030
Possible Buy Now Prices – NA (Higher Risk trade setup)
Possible targets – $7100, $7220 – $7300 (Short/Medium Term)
Be sure to take a look at the market action and momentum, prices could go higher or lower, fomo depending.
Stop loss : $6900 – $6950
(These are only guidelines, set up StopLoss or DCA according to your own rules and risk appetite)

Trade Setup – SHORT

Price zone to keep a eye on – $6900
Shorting zone – $6930 – $6900
Possible targets – $6760 – $6570 (Short Term)
Possible targets* – Set your own targets here, market could bounce or drop further after initial run/drop. (Short/Medium Term)
Some trade ideas on the chart.

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