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XEM price analysis and prediction. XEM is still in a bearish trend vs Bitcoin. Breakout trade setups could be very lucrative here, medium to longer term.

NEMBTC price prediction July 2018

Safest entry into the market would be after a breakout against BTC.

Resistance: 0.00002300 btc – 0.00002440 btc

Profit targets (price prediction): 0.00002800 btc – 0.00003740 btc (medium/long term)

Consolidation above the resistance zone would be my recommended signal for entry. Patience is needed, set up alerts, wait for the market to lead the way.

XEMUSDxemusd price prediction July 2018
XEM trying to form a bottom here, could go either way. If support fails, wait for lower prices, should resistance fail, enter the market after consolidation above current resistance.

Resistance: $0.19 – $0.20

Support: $0.16

Profit targets (price prediction): $0.25 – $0.42 (medium/long term)

These trade ideas are only for educational purposes. Safe trades.