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Eos has been getting a lot of attention lately and the hype is certainly building up. Lets take a look at the technicals vs USD and BTC.

eosusd forecast 29 May 2018

We can see the bullish run of April was finally met by the bears at the start of May, and took prices down from about $22, to where we currently find the market. EOS volume has been impressive the last two months and momentum could change to bullish quickly in my opinion.

We can see that the MACD, even though still bearish, is confirming the fact the bulls are regaining some ground. Support seems solid around $10 in my opinion and higher risk traders could be probing for the bottom below $12 already.

Sentiment is still bearish and it would be safer option to wait for consolidation above the $12 price range, as well as confirmation from the indicators that the bulls are indeed back.