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Lets take a quick look at the Neo markets versus the US Dollar.

NeoUsd forecast 14 May 2018

The NEO chart looks very similar to other crypto’s at the moment, as last week’s selling action broke supports and the selling action took us into the $60 zone. The market experienced some good price action at the $60 mark and I will look to see if it plays as support or resistance going into the week.

Needless to say should the above mentioned price level fail as support the market will most like test $55 – $50 and possibly consolidate there. There has been some very good bullish momentum in April and if significant buying pressure graces the market NEO will test $70, which is also our near term resistance.

Longer term speaking I am still bullish on the Neo project and this might be a perfect time to buy in on another dip, or catch the bullish momentum as it arrives. Safe trades.