Lets take a look at the recent month’s market action on the ETC market versus the US Dollar.

etcusd forecast 28 April 2018

Like most other major crypto pairs, Ethereum Classic gained alongside Bitcoin this month. The bullish price action took the ETC market to $23 before we saw the bears dropping some bags on the market participants.

In my opinion this is a correction on the way up, we can see some good buying pressure $18 – $20 and I would imagine the bulls could be camping out in that zone for the time being.

Ethereum Classic did some good gains this month and some sideways movement in this zone could be great for the market. I would look to Bitcoin for guidance as most majors are still dancing with the Juggernaut, at this point in time.

Quick summary for the short term:

Support – $18 – $20

Resistance – $21.70 – $23