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Here is a quick update on the Ethereum markets.

ethusd forecast thu 26 April 2018

We can see the same selling pressure that is visible on the BTC charts, however Ethereum has not broken to the bear side, yet.

I will look at $600 as near term support and change my stance to bearish should we consolidate below $600 going into the weekend.

Strong resistance now between $650 – $700 and I will wait and see before opening any more longs on the Eth market.

Should $600 fail as support we will revisit the previous price range, which was about $400 – $550.

ethbtc 26 april 2018 forecast

Here we can see that the bullish trend is still in tact versus Bitcoin and I will look to the near term support for guidance.

First support zone in my opinion is 0.07 btc, should that fail I will look towards 0.068 btc for confirmation of a possible bearish reversal.

I am quite bullish on Ethereum should we stay above 0.07 btc. Safe trades.