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Bitcoin has performed well the last week, gaining momentum and currently finding resistance at $9000.

btcusd forecast 22 April 2018

We can see that both indicators are showing us that the bulls are currently in control, however some decent selling volume could break this bullish momentum.

With that said, it looks like we are reloading and getting ready to take on $9000 and possibly head to that $9500 price tag I mentioned last week.

In the markets things can change very quickly, I will be ready to take profits should we fail to stay above $8500 – $8900.

Should we experience another selloff I will see if we find support at $8000, and only then consider reentering the market.

With all that said the crypto space is experiencing some great bullish market action, I am a bull until this trend changes.

I will look to Bitcoin to signal a change in trend. Safe trades!