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Quick look at the Ethereum market versus the Dollar.

ethusd forecast 22 April 2018

Ethereum regained its momentum after some good bullish price action hit the market early April.

Eth has amlost gained a 100% since it hit lows at around $360.

This is a good example of open interest on the markets, it is safe to say any Eth under $400 is a steal.

This little bull run could end quickly should support at the $550 – $600 fail.

Should the above happen, I will consider placing some buy orders in the $400 zone as well as the $500 zone.

I am bullish should we consolidate above $600 going into the work week, $550 still bullish in my opinion, but I am a bear should we consolidate below $550.

Bear in mind I will try scoop up some more ETH at lower prices, no pun indended.

I will take profits from my entries at $400 should we break below $600. Safe trades.