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Welcome friends, trolls, gals and countryman! Special thanks to the legendary multi-dimensional CheesPuff for the introductions this month.

I hear we are all going to the moon again, let me jump into the market and dissect the rumors.

BTCUSD 1 March 2018
I hear what everybody is saying and I can also see the bull flag formation, but success is not guaranteed on any candle formation, we might have a 70% chance of a breakout should the bulls show up.

I am not impressed with the price action on the Bitcoin market and it is clear to me that this is still a bearish ship.

Things could change if the Bulls decide to show up and actually buy some Bitcoin, but I fear they know better.

I am still bearish on the market and would advise caution until we get consolidation above 11k and a retest of 12k.

Be mindful of the bears as prices slip closer to 10k, with 10k being the major psychological support at this time.

There is a saying that comes to mind, “Be greedy when others are fearfull, and fearfull when others are ______ “.

Safe trades, remember you can find me on Discord should you need any trading advice.