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LTCBTC forecast 17 feb 2018
Litecoin is loosing momentum against Bitcoin and there is a potential slaughter on the horizon.

We can see a mean double top on the 1hr and 4hr candles, momentum indicators giving clear hints to maybe gtfo.

Critical support is at 0.021 and should it fail we will wait a bit longer for the bulls.

Medium term support is around 0.02 and should it fail LTC will drop it like its hot.

Versus USD the markets could piggyback BTC like in the past, lets take a look at the chart.


LTCUSD forecast 17 Feb 2018
Some clear divergences on the chart so expect a bit of doom before we moon.

Litecoin should gain alongside Bitcoin and we will need to see prices rise above $240 to get the fomo going again.

On the flip side should the $200 support level fail things could get really volatile in Litecoin world.

We were long from earlier levels and booked profits on the LTC markets, will keep an eye on the action before jumping back in. Safe trades yall!