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Taking a look at NEO versus Bitcoin we can see that we are very bullish long term speaking, but sellers are stepping in around 0.0125 – 0.014 pushing prices to where we currently find ourselves.


NEOBTC forecast 17 feb 2018

We are seeing good support from the bulls around 0.011 – 0.01 and should these levels hold we could be looking at a major breakout against Bitcoin, which would lead to very good gains in USD.

Bitcoin is putting a lot of pressure on the alts and should support fail at 0.01 the NEO market will have to revisit lower zones before going any higher.

Longer term speaking this could be a excellent opportunity for NEO speculators to add to their collection.


NEOUSD forecast 17 feb 2018

We can see the the bullish trend is still in tact versus the dollar and the Neo market should gain in USD alongside Bitcoin.

I see very strong support above $100 – $120 and I am expecting a breakout sooner or later. Safe trades.