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After the dip last week we can see quite a nice little bull run developing in the market.

We could be facing a breakout or another selloff on the market here.

Bitcoin forecast
A lot of new traders might get the urge to fomo into the market here, but lets have a closer look.

Short term speaking the momentum is clearly with the bulls however we are hitting the critical resistance levels at 12 800 – 13 000.

Should the bears come out to play, it could be wise to stack some buy orders down into the 9k and 10k zones to play the bounce.

We will take a look at the price action and see if we will consolidate above 13k before going long on the market.

I am looking to short BTCUSD should sellers start stepping in at these prices, because there is not much trading volume at the moment, a push from the bulls or a bite from the bears will determine our next move.

Feel free to discuss this trade idea with us in Discord. Safe trades.