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Lets have a look at the longer term view on the Litecoin USD market.

Litecoin Forecast 18 Jan 2018
A lot of Litcoin speculators had the rug pulled out from under them when support broke at $240.

The market did a nice free fall before the bulls stepped in (temporarily)  around $130 and pushed us into the $180 zone where a lot of believers are regaining some hope for a recovery.

It does look like there might be hope, but it might not be immediate.  I see trading action between $150 and $200 while the market corrects from this drop.

There could be a few nice plays for those that place their buy orders down into the 130 – 160 zone, with the possibility of some quick profits at 170 -200.

Being Bitcoins little brother you can look to Bitcoin to see what LTC might do in the near future. Safe trades.

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