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The Bitcoin market saw the 12k support break yesterday, prices dropped sharply into the 10k zone and recovered slightly to where we find ourselves now.

BTC USD forecast 17 January 2018
Since 12k broke the medium up trend we are now looking to the 10k zone for support. Some of our buy orders got triggered on the dip down to 10k, for some quick profits on the volatile markets.

There could be another play down to the 10k zone, which will either be met by the bears or the bulls. If the bulls do not come out and support fails at 10k, I will stack buy orders down into the 8k – 9k zones to catch the knife.

Most trades at this point should be considered high risk and as usual your only safe haven is fiat.

With that said we need to consolidate above 12k and test 14k, before any breakouts to the upside will occur.