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We are taking a look at the one day candles to get a better idea of what the Dash market is doing at the moment.


Dash 9 Jan 2018

The chart shows clearly the bull run experienced in the market over the last few weeks.

The prices are coiling tighter and creating the classic triangle that we see so often in crypto markets.

Resistance for the short term lies at 1300, and support at 1000. I would definitely wait for one of these levels to break, to indicate a direction in the market, before making any decisions.

Should we see the commercials selling off some Dash you can expect 900 levels to get tested.

On the other hand, if we see buying pressure from them, the breakout will happen above 1300.

In our opinion the crypto markets are still bullish on the long term, however are busy correcting on the short term. Be patient and wait for the market to show you the next move.