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The Bitcoin market is looking quite solid lately and pushing against the previous resistance we saw around 15400 – 15600.

btcusd forecast 5 jan 2017
We can see that the market has been moving up slowly since we found support at 12k usd on the 30th of December last year.

In my opinion we will test the resistance at 15600 should the momentum keep going in the favour of the Bulls and maybe as high as 15700, however there is still a lot of selling pressure and if the trading volume does not increase I expect that we might test 15k and revisit the 14k zone before we push higher again.

Short term support for me is at 12k – 14k and resistance is between 15k – 16k, with a break above 16k the most like to summon us some fomo’ers back into the market.

All jokes aside, BTC is still a juggernaught in crypto and should it start to move, take care with all your small market cap alts. 😉


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