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XRP traded very nicely with the bulls pushing us past $1.7 and broke through $2 pushing prices close to $3 before we saw some decent selling volume on the market.

Great call by @harveysilverfox on the Slack channel gave us a heads up before price action broke through $1.7.

Lets take a look at the charts.

xrp usd forecast
Even though the market is increadibly bullish at the moment we can see that the momentum is decreasing on very short term, indicated by the PPO.

Should the PPO turn negative there is a very good chance that the two MA indicators will follow.

We recommended XRP a few months ago and now is a excellent time to recover initial investments and/or take some additional profits. I think it will be wise to keep some of your position in XRP for the long term hodl.

Look towards $2.7 to break for this bull run to continue.