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Ripple impressed us with very good volume and good gains the last few days while the rest of the markets were in the red. Investor confidence is boosted and Ripple is in a very nice bull run at the moment.



We are hitting resistance at $1.7 and the orderbooks are piling up on the selling side, I will wait to see if the bulls have what it takes to push us past $1.7 on the short term. If not we will see a correction and most likely join the previous uptrend at $1.4.

I could pay to stack some buy orders even lower than that in case prices dip even lower.

Feel free to ask us about this trade idea in Slack.xrpusd forecast

In the event that we revisit the $1.4 zone, I will be looking to do some quick scalps between 1.4 – 1.7.