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Quick update on the BTCUSD markets going into the weekend.

We can see that 12k did come into play as a major support and prices swiftly recovered to above 13K, still quite bearish on the short term though.

btcusd forecast 23 december 2017
Support is at $12k to $13k and resistance is between $15k and $16.

There is a quite a lot of play for the high risk traders inbetween these zones with high leverage longs and shorts getting rekt at the moment.

Best case scenario is a sideways movement in this channel which would be great for the altcoins. Should we drop below 12k I will look towards the altcoins before recommending fiat as a hedge.

Overall I feel the crypto markets are still very bullish, Bitcoin included!

Please feel free to discuss this trade report with me in Slack, safe trades!