10 Avoidable Ways in Which Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is Lost

  Since the media began reporting on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there have been numerous tragic stories of people losing large stores of value held in digital form. Some of these incidents of stolen or lost cryptocurrency were experienced by the inexperienced. The less tech savvy individuals, those who were unfamiliar with the basics of […]

How to Safely Store Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

If you are thinking of buying some Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, or have already done so, then the next thing you need to consider is where to store your newly bought coins. This is a very important step, and you need to make sure that you store your coins in such a way so as […]

ARK: A Steady Ship in a Sea of Cryptocurrency Chaos

  Photo credit: ARK community design t-shirt Amidst the current sea of blockchain tech, revolutionary development, ICO scams, gains, losses and media barrage, ARK stands out as a one of the most stable of ships. With statements like “Bitcoin is going to zero” and “crypto is a bubble” blockchains which retain stability of token price […]

Say Hello to a Few New (decentralized) Youtubes

    Howdy folks. Today we are taking a look at an exciting development in the crypto space. The advent of blockchain based versions of Youtube. Blockchain Versions of Youtube are Being Born As we speak there are a few decentralized blockchain based versions of Youtube available that we are aware of. The main ones […]

Why IOTA Could Change the World in a More Vital Way than We Imagined

Today we are taking a look at why The Internet of Things, and its network and cryptocurrency, IOTA, could change the world in a way we never imagined. As we speak cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and decentralization are solving longstanding problems within our society. One problem it has not been solving however, is our increasingly dangerous […]

“Investors Should Always Stay Long, and Leave the Shorting to the Pro’s” – Martin S. Schwartz

Crypto Signals Trade Jan report

  Hi Crypto folks, happy 2018. Hope you are starting things off on a prosperous note…. also known as rolling in the cryptos. We are excited about what this new year in the crypto space will bring, and look forward to helping everyone become a part of the crypto fireworks. To kick things off and […]

Never a Dull Day in Crypto World

Crypto Markets

Never a Dull Day in Crytpo World 2017 has been a very interesting time in terms of the cryptographic currency space. We have seen a range of new innovations implemented, as well as political developments such as China and other governments tightening regulations on exchanges and ICOs. In this post we are going to take […]