2 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) GIVEAWAY


Back here at the Cryptosignals.trade ranch, there has been some deep thought given to the launching of a community competition. We are excited to announce that the competition is here, it is awesome, and involves some serious rocket style cash. Well, Bitcoin Cash to be exact.

The Prize

2 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be given as prizes to our Premium Discord Members

The competition is free for anybody to participate, however prizes will only be awarded to Premium members.

The Rules

How does it work!?

Our forum offers a Lifetime Premium Membership to users that wish to support the CryptoSignals.Trade project.

In return they receive trading ideas and advice from our trading team, as well access to the private tools we are using to analyze the crypto Market sentiment in real time.

How will the competition work?

The prize money will be generated by the new Premium members that subscribe to our service. As soon as the 2 BCH has been generated it will get locked in a wallet and the details given to the community.

Prices will continue to rise from 0.024 BCH after the competition in order to minimise our impact on the market. So if you are interested in a membership get yours now while the price is low – and of course by default enter this competition! : )

Prize allocation

Our community Discord is equipped with a social ranking bot, which ranks users for inviting their friends on Discord and being a interactive member of the community.

As a twist the moderators can also take points away from members for breaking competition rules, such as spamming, being rude or too trollish.

The winners will be determined after we reach 300 premium members. We will take a look at the social rank awarded by the bot, as well as a few other factors such as invites and misconduct.

1 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be split among st the winners and go to:

  • 1st Place – 0.5 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • 2nd Place – 0.3 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • 3rd Place – 0.2 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

To ensure that the competition is fair, another 1 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will split up and awarded to 10 random Premium Members.

  • Ten prizes of 0.1 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be awarded to random Premium Members.

CryptoSignals.Trade team members will not be allowed to compete.

@MarginCall will be judge and jury.

Competition rules

First and foremost only Premium Members will be eligible to receive prize money.

Users can participate as a free member in the community to build up their rank, invite new members and receive our free trade ideas and advice.

As soon as the member decides to upgrade to Lifetime Premium they will be entered into the competition with their profile rank in tact.

To make things more exciting and hopefully a lot more civil, @MarginCall will have the ability to award users with extra points/credits, as well as the power to punish them.

Users will get warned once or twice depending on the situation. Should the user still commit the offense they will get banned for 1 day (or more) to cool down.


  • Hate speech, Porn and Terrorism – 2day – 1week ban
  • Spamming – 1 day ban


@MarginCall will hand out rewards (credits and guild points) for users that show initiative in spreading the word about the competition.

These rewards could give a critical lead towards the end of the competition.

Users can get rewarded for the following:

  • A friend that you invited to Discord upgrades to Premium – 10 Guild points (Notify @MarginCall on discord that your friend has upgraded)
  • Cryptofolio Testimonial Screenshot Meme – 1 Guild Point and 10 Credits (Screenshot must have – https://CryptoSignals.Trade – added like a Meme)
  • Post about your Discord invite link to your Personal Social media, such as Facebook or Twitter – 10 Credits (Don’t bother with fake/spam social profiles, you will not be rewarded, must be your OWN Personal account)
  • Be the first to get your Discord invite link upvoted more than 10 time in a major Crypto Subreddit – 1 Guild point and 10 Credits
  • Be creative! We will award credits and guild points to any original Social promotional efforts by our Discord members. Let @MarginCall know about your successful venture to receive your points.

One of the main intentions behind this competition is to kick start the growth of an awesome crytpo trading community.

Remember that the ranking system will also be rewarding you for inviting your friends!

I reserve the right to change the terms of this competition should any unforseen problems arise.

Lets get this Crypto Party started!

  1. Register at CryptoSignals.Trade
  2. Join our Discord
  3. When you are ready, Upgrade to Premium Membership